Finding Quality Time with 3 Kids: 5 Activities We Always Look Forward To

Quality time is so important for children’s healthy development. When parents make an effort each day to connect meaningfully with their kids, it has lasting benefits. Engaging together in meaningful activities like those stated below also fosters stronger family bonds overall. Quality time teaches essential social skills while creating treasured memories. Children who experience connections are better at managing emotions and forming relationships.

these kids are having a wild time in the living room
these kids are having a wild time in the living room

Here are 5 activities my family looks forward to that help us find quality time with our 3 kids:

1. Movie Nights

On weekends we have movie nights where the kids choose a family-friendly film for us all to watch together on the couch while snacking on popcorn. It’s relaxing downtime the entire family enjoys. For our movie nights, I make sure to pick lighter fare appropriate for all ages. The kids enjoy debating which new film to watch each weekend. We dim lights and cuddle under fleece blankets for extra coziness. My favorite part is listening to their giggles at funny scenes.

2. Baking Adventures

One of our favorite pastimes is cooking or baking together in the kitchen. The kids love helping measure ingredients and tasting the treats. The process fosters bonding through collaboration on a fun project. I give each child an age-appropriate task like dumping ingredients or mixing. Our youngest loves licking the spoon, while our oldest helps instruct the younger two. They take pride in enjoying the final product. I’m always impressed by their teamwork. 

3. Game Tournaments

We host regular board game tournaments in the backyard where neighbors are invited to participate. From bean bag toss competitions to rounds of Guess Who, the spirited interactions cultivate priceless social-emotional learning experiences. Kids interact with other children as well as adults. With addons like face painting and music, it becomes a festive community event. Watching friendships deepen over friendly competition is heartwarming.

4. Playground Dates

Packing a picnic basket and spending sunny afternoons at the local playground is a wholesome tradition. Taking turns on the swings and exploring the play structures allows quality one-on-one conversations to naturally occur. I pack up a backpack with snacks, balls and frisbees so we can stay for hours exploring. Taking turns pushing little ones on the swings or going down the slide opens the door for meaningful conversations. Nature seems to bring everyone’s guards down.

5. Bedtime Stories

Our bedtime routine wouldn’t feel complete without cozy group storytime. Snuggled together, I read chapters from our current book pick aloud each night. The ritual quality time has become a stability the kids really look forward to ending the day with. I act out voices and add dramatic expression to keep the kids engaged. Even our oldest who can read himself still prefers when I read aloud to the whole group each night. The bonding is something we all look forward to.

All of these simple yet meaningful activities are what really nourish my children’s carefree enjoyment of childhood while also strengthening our family bonds. Quality time together makes all the chaos of busy days worthwhile.

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